Psygnosis 2012 Great Memories and Changes

Thank you Psygnosis (or Psyknosis as we called you) for ALL the innovative games you brought us. We LOVED Nintendo’s FZero, but when I played Wipeout and saw that first Red Bull Billboard back in 1996, we were blown away – it couldn’t get better!?  How wrong were we? Very wrong!! WipeOut XL proved to be the mind-altering high we NEVER expected! Thank you!

Sure we enjoyed Daytona USA in the arcade and at home, but NO game rivals the speed of the WipeOut series and keeps it fun.  The next closest game would be Hydro Thunder.

Thank you for introducing many of us to The Chemical Brothers, The Future Sound of London, Photek, Daft Punk, Orbitaland many, many more awesome musicians.

Awesome racing, awesome music, great play mechanics!  We can LITERALLY destroy the competition!!  The Psygnosis we once knew was started in love to protect certain owls. Animal lovers, respects grew even more for you.  (Yes, we remember.)

We will not divulge into Destruction Derby as THAT is a game we (the gaming community – Console and PC) REALLY want and need to crash and bash metal in a super arena. Twisted Metal is fun, but Destruction Derby was HILARIOUS and stress relieving.

We are truly saddened once again – first the name change to ‘SCE Studio Liverpool’, now the most terrible of closure. We will ALWAYS smile when we (warrengonline) see WipeOut XL or hear ANY of the music of the soundtrack of it. We’re glad you allowed us to import our music from WipeOut XL onto our PS3 for WipeOut HD.  The new racers possess much more skills. Such as braking, doing a 160 and firing on oncoming racers.

We are sorry Sony has chosen to close our doors of great gaming. We truly hope and wish you all the best. But even more,we look forward to seeing and playing your future talents/games on other platforms.  The company may be gone, but the people who powered it are not.

Thank you so much.

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