PURE on Xbox360



PURE on Xbox360

Release Date: 9/16/2008

Rated: E for Everyone

Players: 1

Online Players: Up to 16

I do not like dirt bike games much because they all are the same.  After playing the PURE Demo off of Xbox Live, I was hooked and destined to buy this game.  The game itself is pretty must standard and what to be expected on Xbox360, but the tricks on this game are FAR from it!  The tricks during the races to gain boost and make the high-flying-tricks is adrenalin punmping and make you feel awesome when pulled off successfully.  If you’ve EVER playerd the SSX Tricky games, you will feel at home with a fresh new game that will try your nerves and wits.  This is a game for show offs and unrealistic racing fans (like the Ridge Racer to Project Gotham Racing).  It is a game you won’t ever forget after you play it.  

Who This Game is For: racing fans, thrill seekers, show offs, families

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