Resident Evil HD Capcom Re-Working It

Here is Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi giving us a small showcase on how they are updating the graphics on Resident Evil HD (The Remake).  To all the old school people like us who’ve played the original, please respect this game as MANY youngsters and new comers have not played this game.

We look forward to it and hope to have TWO controls to play.  The ORIGINAL DPAD (with no analog control support) and the NEW HD ANALOG (analog control support) for all versions.

And possible EXCLUSIVE SUPPORT for each system for that ‘different play’.

Such as:

PS3 / PS4
– Sixaxis control for turning valves.

Xbox360/Xbox One
– Kinect voice input or Kinect Movement for inputting code into the computer (ADA).

Wii U
– Tablet interface to use for inventory.

All the same game, but with those minute differences.  Just some thoughts as this is the game that revolutionized survival horror on consoles.   Though Alone in the Dark was on PC and many before it.

Too bad we aren’t getting REAL ACTORS for the intro.  Oh well.

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