RETRO Magazine

A GREAT magazine is underway!!!  Notice I DID NOT say ‘another’.  This is a GREAT magazine with a LOADS of contributors you know and love.  My fave?  SUSHI-X!!

If you do not know what Sushi-X did, then, just leave your money and close this window (something magic will happen and you will be happy).  The Japan Connection that brought us stuff from over seas BEFORE the internet made it a little easier for the regulars to see and view.

But he still has that NINJA POWER to find those hard to find and obscure titles you probably never even heard of.

This is a GREAT project.  If you are a gamer, console, computer, handheld, arcade, pinball, old school, new school (you definitely need this) importer, a GAMER.

THIS is the project you truly should fund.  Mighty No. 9 is an awesome project, but this project would be like a catalyst for generations to know of it in detail.

Sure we all can read about games on the internet, but do you know how to buy a pinball machine or what AC Adapter a Neo Geo AES uses verses a Neo Geo MVS?  Or how to go about getting a Turbo Express screen fixed or replaced or many other issues you have no idea besides forums that take forever?

This RETRO Magazine will cover many, many topics with over 30 years of experience.  That means, LOADS and LOADS of games by people who love the games and their friends that might not like the games.  Their opinions, unbiased and honest.

Please do share the following link and donate and support this GREAT Project: RETRO

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