Ryan Davis Passes Away


For a guy we here at KGR only knew via the internet and on GiantBomb.com, we are truly saddened.  Ryan was not just person who was just there, poking fun and being serious, he made more than obvious points and direct observations.

Phil would also point out stuff from Ryan as he was the most chill, but exciting guy to watch and listen to no matter what he was talking about.  Today was an ultra sad blow as friends on facebook slowly started talking.

As much as we would like to say something more positive, we are a loss for words as this is truly a shocker.  But knowing just a tiny bit about him, he would joke and say “Life is life, it is what is.”.  That’s classic Ryan.  He will be sorely missed.  Thanks Ryan.

Another taken way too too too early.

Blessings to his wife, family and colleagues.

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