September 2010 | Reach Jailbreak Kombat $10 Vampire Axis Move

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“FINISH HER!!”  MK9 is on it’s way, more bloodier and more violent than ever!  Castlevania Lord of  Shadows is almost here and GREAT SCOTT PS MOVE is HOT!!  $10 more . . . .

$10 more for Xbox Live, don’t gripe about it, think about what you’re getting, son!  This month we have more than a mouth full blood, bones, bullets and holy water dripping out.  Weird, we’re not saving any princesses this month.  We need some more gold coins as there are SO many adventures to go on.  With no further delay this month’s topics are:


  • Halo Reach – Thoughts / Praise 
  • PS3 Jailbreak – What does it mean? 
  • Season Players: FPS vs Fighters (Halo & SF Skills and Tactics: The Mind of a Stable Warrior) 
  • MK9: Old School Returns Updated 
  • $10 increase for Xbox Live – ESPN3 
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Another God of War Clone?  Yes or No? 
  • Sixasis – What happens to that now? 
  • PS Move is out – How do we like it? 
  • Spanish Phrase: “I need ammo!”
    Necesito municion! “Ness seh seeto ammunit see on!”
  • iPhone / iPod Touch Apps you Should Check Out!Easy Beats Pro – A beat maker, not generator, load your own sounds to make the beats.

    Home Radio – Listen to music from ALL around the world.  There’s even a Sonic (The Hedgehog) Station!

    ToonPAINT – Make turn photos of your friends into cartoon.  Great little app!

    Whistle Phone – FREE Wifi Phone with your own phone number.  Did we say free?  Yes we did!

    WordsWorth – A Game Central Game – If you like Scrabble or word games in general, you’ll love this game.

    AppShopper – Want know when Apps are CHEAP or FREE?  This this app will certainly please you.

    FlashForFree – Ever take a photo with your iPhone/iPod Touch 4G and it was a bit dark, this app will lighten it up.

    PixelPipe – Like to upload LOADS of photos to say, FaceBook from your iPhone / iPod Touch?  The check out this app.

    Topple – Want to experience the PS Move in 2D on your iPhone / iPod Touch?  This this puzzle game will keep you entertained!

    Zentomino – Not quite Tetris, not quite Jenga.  Zentomino is just a great puzzler that will test your brain to the max!

    Netflix – Movies ANYWHERE you have connection to the internet with your iPhone / iPod Touch.  ‘Nuff said!

    (Note:  Some of the apps listed here are not free, so please view the entire app description.)


Thank You for listening and Happy Safe Halloween!


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