September 2013 | Microsoft Gaining XP

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Microsoft is everywhere!!  Xbox360, Xbox Live, Xbox One all over the news, on computers and on phones.  This month’s podcast was NOT supposed to be so long, but Microsoft has infected us and this month by 100%  To all of you gearing up for the next gen of consoles:

Hold on to your current gen consoles, you never know about your games you love.  At this moment the PS4 and the Xbox One are NOT backwards compatible.

Hold on your console and games you think you might want to play again.  GTA V made $1 Billion in its first week (three days).  Congratulations!  Did anyone expect less?  Not sure, but are they throwing a party and who’s invited?  One a few more weeks before the new consoles are here.  Anyone getting the 2DS?  Mighty No. 9 has reached goals past the stars and beyond the moon!

PSVita is coming for round two, but then there is PSVita TV.  Makes one wonder, we had the Super GameBoyColor are we going to see an accessory for DS games to be played on TV also?  OUYA has quite a few awesome iNDIE games.  Check them out.

Well, lets get down to this month’s topics:

Halo Series and Beyond

Xbox Experience: Microsoft Assimulate

The Kinect

Mario Paint Commercial

Project Natal

Xbox Kinect with Doctors

Kinect Roach Control

Xbox One Controller (BEST REVIEW)

Kintect II

Virtual Fitting Room

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