Street Fighter IV (Xbox360)

I was getting high and pleasure on finding 3DO, Sega Genesis, Sega CD and SNES original games. I found an article that said Street Fighter II HyperFighting is coming to box360 with ONLINE Multiplayer!!!

Oh!! GREAT FIGHTING gods! So I looked into the Xbox360…

On to April 2007
Bought Xbox360, purchase SFIIHF on Xbox Live, talked some noise, got my butt kicked by some amateurs, cheaters – let’s just say, things that WOULD NEVER happen on a SNES or PS1 version of Street Fighter Turbo or Street fighter Alpha’s (3)!! The controller’s D-Pad SUCKED! But I played any way, sometimes almost coming to tears – even if I won as THAT MOVE WAS NOT WHAT I MEANT TO DO! ARRRRGGH!!!

I was also coarse into playing Street Fighter III Second Impact (not for me), Capcom Fighting Evolution (I still wonder “Um, what is that?” – my cousin loves it – that’s him) and one of the most OVERLOOKED Street Fighter games (by casual gamers), Street Fighter III: Third Strike. Albeit, I was playing it on Xbox360 for the Xbox. The Dreamcast version REALLY shows its gaming power compared to the Xbox Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (just do a combo high up top of the screen – too much slow down). I played Third Strike when HyperFighting decided it wanted to lag me to death or cheap players were abundant. “Round 3: Fight!” as Vulcan22 would say.
2008: Redemption Time
Life has it when the most sweetest treats take time to simmer and boil. Well at least that is what I thought. Super Street Fighter II HD Remix caused a great stir of emotions as each (gamer) challenger wanted his favorite thing in the game, taunts, air-blocking (me), cancels, etc… All we wanted were the options to enable and disable them to keep the game fresh, not MUGEN-ize the game and make it unstable.

2009 WHAT THE…!!!!!?!??!
Street Fighter IV in 3D!?!? HECK NO!!!!!!! Well, well, well, what an AWESOME game this has turned out to be – to me! I was VERY skeptical of the 3D as EX was not a part of the Street Fighter family in my book and I like to consider myself a diehard fan (not exactly a fighter any more – but “Surprise Surprise” will make you go “You can’t do that – you just saw me do it, want me to do it again…?”

Now with that all said, Thank You Capcom for bringing us this time machine taking us back to 2001/1996! Street Fighter IV is just plain awesome!!

The Bad Parts of SFIV
WHAT exactly is Seth? Seth Killian does not look like that. “Seth” SHOULD have been modeled AFTER Seth Killian, really! Why? Seth K’s goal is to rid the world of Street Fighter rumors and clean up the past history’s clustered storyline. Was Cammy brainwashed by M.Bison? Did Capcom of Japan change the names of Balrog and M.Bison as the U.S. Balrog looks like Mike Tyson? WHERE is Chun Li’s father? Charlie, is he really dead and did Guile and Charlie have a close Broke Back Mountain-type relationship (I’m serious)? Where is Sean and is Ken’s kid, Ken Jr going to be in Street Fighter V: Tournament Edition? After you’d beat Seth K. he would traverse those answers in an entertaining (Samurai Jack fashion, animation and voice over scaling the history fact – like Apu). Also instead of that ying-yang in his stomach, Seth K’s outfit would have been dressed in jeans and a tee shirt (kind of like Cody from Final Fight) with Capcom Divine on the front. He’d have just a Super Ground Punch (from Akuma in SF3A), a Super Torpedo (M.Bison), Teleport (Dhalsim), Plasma Ball and Fire Shield (Pryon from Dark Stalkers). To top it off, he would not have a power bar to gauge his life, you just have to fight him. Winning a round turns his ‘young’ face older per round, final round ends with his hair turning grey and the cutscene(s) begin this way into the animation of the endings. 

The current Seth was concocted by Satan himself. That (crap) unblockable “Become part of me” move is just CRAZY INSANE!! You know I DID complete that Sheng Long joke back in the 90’s. And if you do it on Mortal Kombat II, the rounds turn into the ASCII symbols – weird but true. I learned that. I mentioned this as you had SO MANY resources and well, you used some in the main game, but the last boss, a weapon soldier and since there are [censored spoiler]. Why would M.Bison subject himself? That’s like the CEO of a company washing my truck because I have water stains on my window from a sprinkler I drove through.

Come on guys! Why do bosses have to look ‘naked’, be cut-in-half, (although Bishimon is ultra cool when he laughs and floats)? Also, not to sound fickle, WHERE is the Dojo? Ryu’s and Ken’s Dojo (even if it was destroyed, WHERE is it)?

I mean, who ever thought Seth looked cool, played cool must have not played Street Fighter II World Warriors. No disrespect. WHY do I say that? M.Bison is ruthless, he makes no idol threats in that game and truly kick butt! The only otyher M.Bison that comes close is the M.Bison on SFA3 (or so I’m agreed with other gamers). M.Bison is cool because he deserves and commands it.

Look at what you did to Dan. Dan is now ultra powerful and no one laughs at him much after the first two times playing him – Dan is no joke any more. In SFA3, during our game parties, you heard the laughs “Oooh, you just got beat by Dan.. Ha ha ha…” Those are moments many have shared as a part of gaming, Street Fighter experience goes.

Seth’s black cyclone power soul-body absorber is just ridiculous. It is almost like Guilty Gears’ one hit fatalities. I want to fight, not be cheapied to death. Akuma used to do that to me, well he is also back at it – air-fireball, air-fireball, kick, super, repeat. A 25 second match against anyone else is now an 80+ second match. WHY? New comers find that crap and when they fight against someone who’s learned to get past it, they are no match. But at what cost to the player being cheesed? This is not important as much as Seth.

Last but not least. Can we get a lobby? I’m late right now typing this going to show Street Fighter IV to my cousin who is a DIEHARD Street Fighter fan. When he heard there was no lobby in SFIV, I could not believe he dared not to buy this game – but then he is crossed in between getting it for the Xbox360 (my choice) or buy a PS3 with SFIV (XXX wrong!) It IS his choice.

Capcom, please, please, please put in a lobby. Think you can talk to TECMO and get their code to record in-game play, save it to your Xbox360 HDD, and then email it to friends like on Halo 3? That’d be awesome!

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Oh! I forgot, I bought the Collector’s Edition. Um.. Besides the little doll and the movie, what makes my edition special for collecting? The costumes are nice, but nothing over the top. And now they can be purchased online. I feel like Alanis Morrissette’s song ‘Ironic’ “It’s a Free Ride and I already paid.”

I was expecting a create a character (nothing too extravagant – change hairstyle, color of clothes), extra taunts, 1 or 2 backgrounds and more that ONLY those with the Collector’s Editions had access too. Example if I’m playing a person who does not have ‘Akuma’s Graveyard’ when they play me, they see it and go “Wow! Where you get that?!” I’d reply “Collector’s Edition babeh!” that was the effect in Soul Calibur IV with the Carnival Stage – although you just had to unlock it to access it.

Collector’s = something no one else is getting or have got.

Collectible – Worthy of being collected.

Other than those being the bad parts, I STILL give SFIV a 12 out of 10!! Take away online play and EVERYTHING people are complaining about is almost null.

Job well done, JOB WELL DONE! THANK YOU! You’re on a roll, let’s keep it moving.

P.S. I’m NO WHERE finished with SFIV, but in Street Fighter IV: Tournament Edition (okay, okay, I made it up), but can we get a lobby, a leader board for the world, for friends and possibly a location bio? Location Bio could be there on to localize the fights for lag free, face-to-face fights. Just a thought.

What’s your take?

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