Tom Clancy Passes Away


A truly said day for one of the few writers and authors of great, compelling and thought provoking books on detailed military and espionage story-lines , Tom Clancy has passed away.  Even if you do not read, you’ve most likely watched a movie based on on of his books.  The more popular Hunt for Red October while many have watched (and read) Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger.  His work, so awesome down to the detail it was scary if you thought about it too much.

As gamers, the Tom Clancy series pushed military based games, and first person shooters to the next level of realism.  The detail was surreal and many had never seen such weapons so ‘close-up’ except in magazines and why certain bullets and gear was used for certain situations.

Thank You and Rest in Peace Mr. Clancy.

You did not quite educate many of us, but you did make many question themselves on certain things.  Much of which did make a change in the world, albeit it was rough, we all walked away with some new knowledge.  This is more fitting:

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