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Justin Carter, a now 19 year old teenager is sitting in jail for typing a sarcastic response comment to a friend on Facebook.

The reply comment was very inappropriate, very insensitive, and somewhat sick, if you took it seriously.  I’ve read it three times.  The first two times, I thought it was sick.  Then the third time, it made me think of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  Odd.

But because, some female Canadian, (who took his reply to another person and assumed it was a threat or even a serious thought) she reported him to the authorities.  This is AFTER she looked up all his information, like a stalker.  (Only if 911 worked like this, there’d be less actually domestic abuse and murders.)

Most of us with common sense would think, a warning to not use such references would be issued in court, day 2.  At most a Psychological Test to see why this TOTALLY NORMAL kid said what he said.  They would find one thing: He’s a teen.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Are we as America losing our common sense? We’ve all heard much terrible things online and offline VERBALLY and via Text.  Were you ever in fear of your life or safety?

The sad thing is, we allow movies to showcase such behaviors and then slap an R rating on it like it is okay and it makes everything bad, right.  Wrong.

Does anyone know what Parental Guidance is? Common Sense should tell you what it is.  Justin is like all kids under 21 will say or do stupid things. His reply was stupid, but meant to be sarcastic.  His friends understood it just fine.  But why didn’t they report it? Because they knew it was sarcastic.

Justin has not experienced life yet.  His life was games mainly up until now. Did he even play Grand Theft Auto yet?  I don’t know.
(Pun meant, but not funny.)

Free Justin Carter, put him on house arrest and his life could slowly slip back into normal status as he can be under watch of his parents.  Not as a terrorist, but a son that needs a little guidance.

If you are a gamer, casual, hardcore, mobile or if you care, please spread (and sign) the petition listed below at the end of this post.  We were going to wait for this Month’s podcast, but his has gotten too hot and so full of abuse of a fellow gamer.

Not everyone is a terrorist.  And for a child, yes, inexperienced, game-playing child like Justin Carter, how would he know how to be a terrorist?

Right-click and summon demons?  Activate: Nunus Ult? (Whatever that is?).

Please spread the word.

The Petition – Share it everywhere

The News Article about Justin Carter

Welcome to the Real World Call of Duty, do your part.

AlphaOmegaSin Preaches Sermon (Parental Guidance may be needed)

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