Windows 8.1 Gets a Start Button!!!

Windows 8.1 Start Button

Wow!  Microsoft brought the START BUTTON back!!  Great improvement and we have not even experienced it just yet!  But friends and their web cams showed it off and it looks GREAT!  A few grumbles (something something, not for designers), but this is a GREAT start into improving a pretty cool OS with a bad interface for different users.  The Start Button is the ‘steering wheel’ (just like in a car), everyone who’s driven, knows how to use it.

Side-by-side apps, more will like this and get rid of those obtrusive tiles that many of us did not like for ease of use.  Will Microsoft see desktop sales increase?  OH YES!!  Everyone just needs to be shown this and informed about this and the sales will begin.  Yes, there are still some issues, but this is CLEARLY a GREAT improvement everyone will welcome no matter how they use their computer.

If you have upgraded to Windows 8.1, make sure you go to the Microsoft Windows Community Forums and post your issues in the areas for Windows 8.  Report your issues so they will know where to concentrate the ‘Brain Box‘ and get things up and working for you.

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