Xbox One – E3 Event – A big bomb…

[Note: This was sent in by The Internet Stranger, we tried to clean it up with spelling errors, but we know you will get their points.]

After the Xbox One Reveal Event Microsoft stocks took a plummet, and who wouldn’t expect this to happen? the public was expecting to hear news about a new exciting console system and what they got was “TV, TV, TV, sports, TV, TV, sports, TV, game” instead. While many press releases said the main idea was to focus on showing how well the hardware functioned, and it focused on talking about that hardware, most of what was said during the reveal event was rather vague when it came to the actual hardware, on top of that, while they did show how it worked well on the switching of ‘TV/Sports’ to your dash board or ‘Skype’ it didn’t really show how well it performed with a game running in the background while doing the same thing, and we all know watching TV isn’t as demanding as a 3D game.

E3 wasn’t that much of a impressing event as well, while they did show of 13 game titles that will be released at the launch of the console, it didn’t focus on those issues that the public really was concerned about, rather the E3 Event was more so a distraction from those issues that really concern the public about the console rather then addressing those issues, and even then they had problems with the console itself, losing sound while showing off the games. We did learn how much the console is going to cost for the ‘base’ system however, 549.99, that’s almost 100.00 more then its competitor, “PlayStation 4” which has almost the same exact hardware running inside it as the Xbox One.

Now lets focus on some of those real issues of the Xbox One Console system:

1) Sharing Games: Say good bye to sharing games with your friends unless you want to be there whenever they want to play the game. If you take a game to a friends house or lend them a game, and your profile isn’t on their console, they will have to pay the full price for the game before they can even play it on there system.

2) Used Games: Now while Microsoft said they would allow used games they did say that the buyer would still have to pay to install that game at a ‘reduced price’ however this contradicts there above statement about sharing games, how are they going to know if its a ‘used game’ or a ‘shared game’ and determine what price to charge? on top of that, if they do find a way to determine this, and your friend installs it as a ‘used game’ does this mean your game stops functioning or that you have to pay a additional fee to get the game working again?

3) Always Online – While Microsoft corrected this, there is still a catch, which it pretty much means, yep you have to be always online. If your not always online, you’ll have to connect your console once every 24 hours to the internet so that it can ‘check again’ to see if your installed games can play or not, and to download individual updates for each title that is installed. Basically with what Microsoft said here is “If you don’t have a internet connection, we don’t want your business”, say good bye to all those low to middle class income individuals who don’t have Internet Microsoft. This one here also raises additional questions about #1 & #2.

4) If you have more then 1 console in your household, you will have to buy the game for each console, this means no more taking the disc from one console to the other to play the game, no, you’ll have to buy 2 copies to be able to play it on two consoles that belong to you. So for instance if your kid wants to play some sports car game you have for one console on the other, and your want to play some 3d shooter on the one the sports car game was installed on, forget it unless you have 2 copies of the game.

5) What happens when this console is discontinued like its predecessors ? being all the license information about the games on your console will be stored online, yes you heard that right, online, and that it will rely heavily on ‘cloud’, will your gaming console then just become a ‘tv’ center because you can no longer get the license information for those games you purchased because of #3 up there? will it become a ‘over-sized paper weight’?

There are many more issues out there with the console, and they’ve been posted all over the net, but lately they’ve been clouded with ‘oo look Microsoft has 13 new games to be released when the console is’

Well… in all honesty, and my personal opinion, Microsoft really wasn’t thinking with there heads on this one. While it looks all shiny and new, and seems nice, there are too many ‘cons’ hidden behind the limelight.

For those of you who are actually paying attention to whats going on, Sony announced that there will be no restrictions on used games, your console will NOT have to connect every 24 hours to validate your games you ‘already bought’, and many of the other ‘cons’ of the Microsoft Xbox One don’t exist with the Sony PlayStation 4.

Another alternate that people have been looking at are PC’s to play there games, as currently PC’s don’t have any of these restrictions as well, but, Think about it before you go that route, What OS do the PC’s run on? Microsoft’s, and I’m sure if they think this greedy little method they are implementing on the Xbox One is a good idea, its not too far to follow on the PC.

I’ve been a Good customer to Microsoft for years, both with PC’s and the Xbox, but if Microsoft doesn’t clean up there act, and actually correct many of these bad decisions they are making with this unit, If I do go to a new console system, it will most likely be the Sony PlayStation 4, as I don’t like my gaming ability restricted to the point that I feel like I’m buying “Pay Per Play” games (Which I am Totally Against).

If I buy a game I am “Buying” it, it “Becomes mine” to “Do with as I wish”, I am NOT leasing the game from them. How they are planning on handling installed games, your no longer ‘buying the game’ your just ‘leasing it’ and that’s where I get “Pay Per Play” from, who’s to say down the road they wont change it to ‘you have to pay a monthly fee for each title you want to play online’.

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