You’re in the Movies for Xbox360


You’re in the Movies for Xbox360

Release Date: 11/18/2008

Rated: E for Everyone

Players: 4

Online Players: 0

This is the first game released for the Xbox360 that uses the camera in a while now. This game is is at first looekd at a funky fad type of gamer, but after reading a lot of popular site with their scores of 1 to 10 (not sure why they really mean), they gave is a rating of 4. That rating is bad (wrong). Upon buying my own copy, and playing one full session and watching MY MOVIE, this game rocks! You play or compete (more entertaining and funny when played with 4 players) in quite a few mini games that make you get up and move around, much more than the Nintenod Wii. While playing these games, you are recorded and then at the end all of the recorded clips are combined to make a really hilarious movie trailer based on the ‘script’ you chose before hand. If you have Xbox Live and an internet connection, you can upload your video and download it to your computer to share it with friends, family and co-workers!

Who This Game is For: college students, families, fun people

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