How I successfully limit my gaming time

I limit the time I spend daily on computer games in order to maintain balance in my life. Computer games are a fun and enjoyable method of entertainment in moderation. I play computer games to relax momentarily.

I am a busy person with a lot of responsibilities. I do not like to feel like my life is out of balance which is why I have decided to limit the time I spend on computer games each day. Computer games are fun, but it’s important for me to be present and make sure I am completing all my responsibilities.

If you find yourself in the same situation you might be wondering how I manage to limit my gaming time. Here are my top tips:

To prevent myself from becoming sucked in by the addictive properties of computer games, I create a daily schedule for myself.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to stay focused on work and avoid distraction. This is why I will dedicate a certain time during the day to play computer games and browse the internet.

During my allotted game times, I have a great time playing games free from guilt. As soon as that time is over, I close the game and quickly move on to the next thing on my schedule for the day.

The key to successfully ending a game is to give myself something to do instead. Keeping a fast paced schedule makes it easier for me to shut down games when I need to.

I use a timer to remind me when my time for computer games is up. Having an auditory clue makes it easier for me to tune in.

My time is valuable, therefore I always strive to spend time doing things of eternal worth. Spending time with my children, serving others, and working hard for my family are the true valuables in my life.

Today, I choose to limit my time on computer games because, at the end of my life, the legacy I leave for my family is what will matter – not how well I played a certain game.

Self-Reflection Questions:

If you also want to limit your gaming time then try asking yourself the following questions:

1.    Does my gaming interrupt my real life?

2.    How can I set boundaries for my game playing?

3.    Why is gaming so important to me? What can I do to decrease my attraction to gaming?